Day Six : The Mighty Ducks

My 35 Day Life #ReThink explained through Hollywood Blockbusters.

My favorite character in the movie The Mighty Ducks is Goldberg the Goalie. He’s got talent, but he is absolutely terrified of being hit by a hockey puck - a big problem if you’re trying to be an effective goalie!

The coach does something (which would likely get him fired or arrested by today’s standards), he ties Goldberg to the net and has the entire team take shots at him. After a few moments of terror, he realizes the tremendous pain he was anticipating wasn’t real. He got over his fear and he went on to be a great goalie.


I’ve had a number of people in my life tie me to a metaphorical net like that. People who knew what was best for me, and helped me by forcing me into something. Thanks to all of them. I’ve also tied my fair share of people to a net, in an attempt to do the same for them. 

On the other hand, there are also quite a few people who helped me unintentionally. The same type of fears, the same type of resilience after facing those fears - but no intent by those particular ‘coaches’. Most likely just people behaving badly, causing problems, and as a result creating opportunities for those around them to grow.

So how do we know who is who? Who is creating successful people around them as a result of their actions, versus those who are creating successful people around them in spite of their actions.

At the same time, how do we make sure we are doing right by others we are trying to make successful?

Pay attention! There is no simple way. We’ll never get a bad performer to rate themselves poorly, or turn themselves in for bad behaviors. It’s up to us to spot the warning signs of the small-minded, the self-centered, the lazy .. and band together with the others who share our common purpose … into a ‘Flying V’ ?


Tomorrow : The Rock

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  • Joseph Murphy