Climate Change:


The Way Life Should Be and Relay Power are happy to announce a new partnership to fight climate change through Community Solar! Community Solar is a new program in Maine, aimed at making the benefits of solar more accessible and increasing the state’s adoption of renewable energy. Electricity production is the second largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. As a consumer, your choices make a difference — one simple way that you can support the transition to renewable energy is to join a local Community Solar farm.

Relay Power will make a $50 donation to The Way Life Should Be f​or each sign-up that comes through this partnership.

If your home isn’t suitable for on-site solar, Relay Power can help you “go solar” without any installation by tapping into a nearby solar farm. It costs nothing to join, participants save about 15%, and it’s a simple process. By voting with your dollar, you can help facilitate more clean energy production right here in Maine.

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