Each of us face challenges in our lives. When we’re trying to overcome them, it can sometimes feel as though we’re isolated, and even when surrounded by people, support can be hard to find. At The Way Life Should Be, we believe in the power of connection to support change. By joining our mentoring community, you’ll have the opportunity to share your experiences and to gain the support, knowledge and tools you need to thrive.

You’re also invited to give back to our online network. You may not realise it, but the lessons you’ve learned on your journey will be just what someone else needs to hear.  So, if you need some guidance from someone who understands the challenges you face, or if you have something to share with people who have something to learn, The Way Life Should Be is the mentoring platform for you.

Our philosophy can best be explained through our four key values:  

Learning From Others

Knowledge and growth don’t happen in a vacuum. Change comes from the value of learning from those around us, especially when they have something profound and purposeful to teach us about the ways in which our lives could be transformed.

When we learn from others, we are able to manage change and challenge with resilience and confidence. Our negative responses and our anxieties can be lessened if we are educated about the alternatives. It can be easy to grow frustrated when things don’t seem to be going our way, or when we feel unable to control our environment, but The Way Life Should Be aims to turn those frustrations around through purposeful mentoring and discussion.

In a world where personal connection seems increasingly hard to find, our platform gives you the chance to connect and learn harmoniously from others. In doing so, the whole community grows stronger. 

Looking Inwards

Self-reflection can have a bad reputation. When we explain to others that we are having some ‘me-time’ it can come across as a code for being lazy or avoiding our responsibilities. But that’s not the case at all. We all need support and reaching out for it isn’t a weakness; it often takes great courage.

We all need time, on a regular basis, for pause and self-reflection. And we all need to set aside regular blocks of time for learning, personal development and growth.  Some might call this mindfulness, others call it study; however you define it, we advocate learning how to focus on yourself in a positive way. Dwelling on mistakes and replaying poor decisions isn’t valuable. Learning from your experiences and reflecting on what you’ve gained from life and where it could take you in the future is essential.

When you look inwards, you learn and develop new strategies for growth and happiness.  In doing so, you sow the seeds for the future, giving you and those around you a strong foundation for success. 

Looking Outwards

If we live and work in isolation, we can’t thrive or contribute to the communities we live in. As well as looking inwards to better understand ourselves, we also need to look outwards to the wider world. By learning to respect the environments we interact with and by educating ourselves and those around us about living harmoniously, we honour the world in which we live.

When you make connections on The Way Life Should Be platform, mentors and mentees can share their values and experiences of living fruitfully in the world, and everyone with a story to share and guidance to give can contribute to the creation of a better society.

By offering the wisdom of your experiences to support others, you are engaging with the responsibility inherent in your own journey and lifting up those around you. And in doing so, everyone benefits from the value of sharing knowledge. When we engage purposefully with the world around us, we give meaning to our actions and we build communities strong enough to meet any challenge.

Living With Compassion

Our ultimate goal should be to live life with compassion. This happens when we engage in the cycle of reaching out to learn from others and being supported to grow and change, from self-care, reflection and purpose and from sending that wisdom back out into society as a way to make a positive change in the lives of others.

When we master this way of living, we begin to understand that our recognition of the value of others, our self-forgiveness and our appreciation of our individual responsibilities towards the communities we serve give us a model for compassionate behaviour.

When we celebrate our differences and our vulnerabilities as well as our passions and our successes, we become a confident, unique voice in the world, ready to learn from, support and guide everyone around us.